For a long time, the root of my website just forwarded you to this blog. The whole website itself was just a thin conceit for this blog, and I did very little else that warranted inclusion on the website.

But things have changed. The web has become more social, and having all of your information in isolation is almost not as important as being part of that digital social fragment. When twitter first came out, I contemplated writing my own version; not out of some vain attempt to better twitter, but because I am concerned about having control over my own data.

As it happens, this was a concern that left me out of all sorts of social websites. Why use a place like freshmeat or google code when I have a server and can run my own subversion? Why use twitter when I have a blog and could write a reasonable facsimile (for my own purposes, sans signups etc) in a weekend? All this, and I'd control the access to my data, be assured that it is backed up, and could port it to new systems over time to prevent bitrot.

As time went on, I realized that the reason you use a service like twitter (or flickr, or indeed github) is for the visibility in such systems and the interaction with other like-minded people. People can't find my projects, or my blog, when they're on my own little server island in the world wide web ocean, but they're easy to find once they're registered on github, pypi, or twitter.

Still, there was this concern about my data, and a further concern that I still wanted the canonical representation of my online persona to be at my domain. For a day job, I'm humbled to work on a fantastic site that allows just this type of concentration of distributed social content, a place for you to call your own. Being a tinkerer and a developer, I still wanted to try play around with something that would firmly be a product of my own vision and ideals.

So, has always pointed to /blog/, despite there being almost no other content on the site, because I always planned on putting a type of lifestream there, and over the last few weeks I've finally done so. At this point, it's fairly rudimentary; it pulls in my tweets, bitbucket & github checkins, and also the auto-generated summaries of these blog posts. I plan on adding pagination and perhaps another few services I use online.

Feb 19 2011