jmoiron plays the blues

1c79a73d to dotfiles add spl line splitting util
42496bf7 to dmc update with -d and other usages
140a3d08 to dmc add -d to look up hosts via dns (connect to multiple hosts from one dns response)
1cf3ccaf to dotfiles update go-bootstrap to skip installing commands with an optional flag
f654695d to dotfiles import dayle rees colorschemes, update go version switching code, default to 1.5.2, update vimrc pathogen call to happen earlier
797449fa to errors fix bug on 1.4.x with chained imports Chained imports in 1.4 lead to `runtime.Caller` returning a strange error condition where `ok` is true but `file` is improperly left at an initialization value. This checks for that value and bails if it's found.
forked errors, Common juju errors and functions to annotate errors. Based on juju/errgo
forked errors, Common juju errors and functions to annotate errors. Based on juju/errgo
b925b0c3 to humanize Merge pull request #28 from martinvw/master Dutch translations
11efa6b9 to humanize Merge pull request #29 from JocelynDelalande/patch-1 add a timedelta humanization example in readme
13a0d29a to gowiki env + flags for port & wiki path
99fa2599 to gowiki update style for backend editing to make text size slightly smaller than gigantic
dff7311e to gowiki update gowiki to have command line options because doing everything with env sucks; also switches to flush & load static files without running a server
b4daeaa1 to gowiki update prettify and gfm, use shurcooL gfm directly instead of messing about with blackfriday
b34e115d to gowiki style update in bundle, doc update for dev mode
ed020991 to gowiki few style updates and make usage of sqlx and blackfriday conform to modern state of the libraries
6c017473 to dotfiles add vimgo configs and PATH cleaner
383650c5 to dotfiles use vim-go
2b9cb0c4 to daneel fix twitter summary
da8229df to dotfiles add a bunch of colors, some vimrc changes
6815129b to dotfiles disable tmux mouse because it is too annoying
a0a4aef1 to dotfiles exclude node modules in ctags
b3d9a577 to dotfiles go-bootstrap fixes
351493ef to dmc add -hosts
c25f8abf to dotfiles fix bash completion on osx by sourcing brew bash_completion.d/*