jmoiron plays the blues

02e32bf4 to pyxie adding lots of packer stuff, fairly comprehensive tests for pyxie
#3 to paster-templates fix year in LICENSE template, fix to include the correct package data so it can be installed from hg
#2 to paster-templates add to modules in
d0a94e77 to pyxie fixed a typo, adding the placement to the top_right and bottom_left placement functions
793b6ed0 to pyxie adding a point class, some collision detection...
170500ed to pyxie more packer stub stuff to
bc2590a3 to pyxie adding pyxie files
#16 to argot add to include README.rst and LICENSE file with the distribution
#17 to django-selector more =>
#16 to django-selector change README.rst to point to the bitbucket repos
#15 to argot bump to 4 - Beta, add documentation for argot command line tool and about the set_google_referer function
#14 to argot small documentation fix (double 'needless')
#13 to argot updating the README to talk about some version incompatibilities
#12 to argot modify argot readme