jmoiron plays the blues

af152d01 to pyxie add support for sass output
27b9cb1b to pyxie add support for vertical tiling for x-repeat backgrounds
0152f0eb to pyxie modifications to print out stats
6012ee39 to pyxie adding the pyxie script and some support for the pyxie script
56dbc6d1 to pyxie add html output, fix unpacking of first option in packer, add scripts to
b5eff686 to pyxie working packer and pixietest, not showing any collisions on combining 56 images into a sprite
d2521bb6 to pyxie change collision detection; passes all tests but has some issues with a few cases that are not encoded in the tests
f99b622e to pyxie rename to
a8bf789b to pyxie add, remove autopack from packer
cbc5a031 to pyxie packer is passing all tests
02e32bf4 to pyxie adding lots of packer stuff, fairly comprehensive tests for pyxie
#3 to paster-templates fix year in LICENSE template, fix to include the correct package data so it can be installed from hg
#2 to paster-templates add to modules in
d0a94e77 to pyxie fixed a typo, adding the placement to the top_right and bottom_left placement functions
793b6ed0 to pyxie adding a point class, some collision detection...
170500ed to pyxie more packer stub stuff to
bc2590a3 to pyxie adding pyxie files
#16 to argot add to include README.rst and LICENSE file with the distribution