jmoiron plays the blues

e963d1c1 to pyxie moving some docs around, added a 'general css sprites' document, need to finish up the usage docs and then test the package a bit
03460ea4 to pyxie lots of documentation changes, some css output fixes (adding -bg and -bgr)
#17 to argot fix a missing import, don't always decode entities since that's stupid
76288bbd to pyxie update for new license, etc; need to figure how to work shopwiki into this somehow
23419ef7 to pyxie changing license to MIT
7f8f7377 to pyxie add AlternatingField for L/R buttons, and a 'bgr' sass mixin for background-right classes
fc3f15a4 to pyxie add a --sh switch which allows pyxie to run as a script interpreter in a shebang
b1279601 to pyxie horizontal field working with padding
5b75f452 to pyxie remove pdb settrace
6231068f to pyxie box packing functional with x and y padding