jmoiron plays the blues

#16 to argot add to include README.rst and LICENSE file with the distribution
#17 to django-selector more =>
#16 to django-selector change README.rst to point to the bitbucket repos
#15 to argot bump to 4 - Beta, add documentation for argot command line tool and about the set_google_referer function
#14 to argot small documentation fix (double 'needless')
#13 to argot updating the README to talk about some version incompatibilities
#12 to argot modify argot readme
#11 to argot process blockquote internals with markdown
#10 to argot more syntax tests, including some blockquote tests, multi-codeblock & multi-blockquote tests, more link processor tests, some unicode fixes to the test cases and to the argot command line tool, and the additional feature of being able to set a referer on the command line tool
#9 to argot backwards incompatible overhaul of argot, adding blockquote+cite syntax but removing a lot of available customization
#15 to django-selector change the failover `default_autowrap` value to True rather than False on the branch where the user has no django settings module (like, for instance, for django-selector's tests); I think this is consistent with the documentation, which claims that it will disable autowrapping if you have the setting set to False, or if you pass False.
#14 to django-selector Modifying dselector to become a drop-in replacement for django.conf.urls.defaults.
#1 to paster-templates fix the vanilla (base_package) script, seems to work pretty nice now
#0 to paster-templates first checkin of base package paster template including sphinx doc (w/ Bart's nature theme), setup stuff, test stubs, licence, and .hgignore