jmoiron plays the blues

created iris, python command-line photo management thing
#144 to johnny-cache remove commented out add/set from memcached backend
#143 to johnny-cache change the implementation of the memcached backend to override _get_memcache_timeout instead of re-implement add & set to provide infinite timeouts, bb #33
#142 to johnny-cache add changes to the transaction manager to not get fooled by django's testing transaction reassignments, #25
#141 to johnny-cache adding filebased caching as per #34
#140 to johnny-cache play with the settings during the Web-related tests to add the app_directories template loader if it is not in the settings already #22
#139 to johnny-cache add regression test for bitbucket #20
#30 to dotfiles adding ibus keyboard preferences, screen shot upload shortcut